All work no play can be damaging

There are people who live to work and they prefer defining themselves by their salary, job profile and company. They fail to define themselves as the person they are. But, people who usually are like this, when they retire or lose their job, they find it very difficult to hold their identity for long and they start searching for their new identity. There are certain people who are extremely workaholic they feel when they are not doing any work they are just wasting their time. These people also tend to lose marriage and even their family because they tend to neglect them and focus mainly on their work and they have nothing left for their home life.

These groups look down upon the ones who work to live. There is enough evidence about the view that workers who strike the right balance between home, work and family are far better workers. These workers are the ones who contribute more to their company that those who spend most of the time in work. Recent surveys have shown that workers with happy and stable home life are most productive.

Working long hours do not boost productivity but everyone assumes that it is a fact. All it does is to produce those who appear busy. The main problem faced by the financial sector revolves and indicate that the culture “long hours” does not necessarily mean that the work would be productive. It is a fact that people in the financial sector who played vital roles in deals are responsible for the global meltdown used to work for long hours. These people use to socialize with the people in the industry only. These so called hard workers were making all sorts of bad deals though commentators already warned them about the disastrous outcomes. The main reason for bad deals was these deal makers thrived in a bubble of encouragement from others and they paid no attention to other views. Provided they were little cautious and step away from their work for a while, they would have been able to see what other people in the field were able to see, changed their working ways which might have prevented the slump.

Most professionals in the field of mental health suggest that one should strike the right balance between work, family and home to be more efficient and productive. It is a proven fact that people who are happy are productive and they contribute hugely to their companies and put the company on the right path of growth. So, it is very true that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. People who have been able to strike the perfect balance are the ones who are not innovative but imaginative as well. These people have much wider views and they know how to get the most by the work in a proper and effective manner. These professionals are busy in true sense than those who only look busy. So, do not live only to work but work in an apt manner to live.

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