Education Brands Impacting Pay Checks

What’s in a name? The bard asked this question far too long ago. Had he asked it today the unanimous response, of the thousands looking to get gainful employment, would be a resounding “EVERYTHING”! Having a branded education is the not-so-new a trend among the silent demands of employers today. Few of them will actually ask for it blatantly, but almost all of them make their decisions based on this factor, among others.

From the perspective of an employer, recruiting or hiring candidates with a branded education can be quite advantageous in that

  • There is a distinction from the run-of-the-mill.
  • It becomes easy to validate certification.
  • There is uniformity in the workforce of the company, making corporate imaging simpler.
  • Institutes with a brand name recognize the need to create industry ready professionals.
  • Candidates are of a consistently high quality.
  • Associating with a well known institution increases the corporate visibility of the employer.

Thus, there is a mad dash to premiere seats of learning. Young people are well aware of the fact that with the name of the right university or institute on their resume, their paycheck will become all the more loaded. This is a move in the right direction. If students aspire to greatness and fatter salaries they will approach only the best institutes. Thereby creating added competition among these centers to increase the quality of the education they impart.

It must also be considered that just having a branded education cannot guarantee an ideal employee. Most Institutions that have a reputation of being branded, charge exorbitant sums for their courses. Thus sometimes bright young minds that cannot afford them can be overlooked by an employer blinded by brand value. This pitfall is easily avoided if a recruiter places adequate weightage on brand value and an individual’s abilities. For like the bard who asked the question so rightly pointed out,”a rose by any other name is still a rose”

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