How to be successful in campus interviews?

Campus interviews play a pivotal role in shaping up a student’s career while he/she is still in college. Not only campus interviews provide you with the opportunities to get lucrative jobs but it helps you to boost your confidence to face future challenges by giving you the right exposure. Employers who conduct these campus interviews always look out for people with fresh minds as these people can actively adapt to the situation they are in regardless of the challenges. The pay of the candidates who get selected from campus interviews end up with better packages than the ones who get selected from off-campus.

There are colleges where only single appearance is allowed in campus interviews while there are others which allow double appearances. In single appearance, if a candidate gets selected in one company, then that candidate cannot sit for other job interviews. But, in case of double appearance, a candidate can sit for additional companies regardless of getting selected in the first company. In campus interviews a student is asked to fill up a form where one has to fill up details regarding education such as percentage secured in 10th and 12th standard and details of any backlog.

The campus interview process consists of various stages and these are:

  • Aptitude test
  • Group discussion
  • Technical interview
  • HR round

The aptitude test taken by the visiting companies in campus interviews comprises of the questions that directly relates to analytical and logical reasoning, aptitude and English proficiency test. After clearing this stage, one can proceed to the next stage.

In the technical round one will get tested for his/her knowledge gained from college. The interviewers will ask students for knowledge gained from his/her favorite subjects and then ask question regarding the subjects. In HR round students get tested about his/her positive attitude and quality to be at par with company needs. But, it is said that HR interview is nothing but it is a matter of formality and students can get eliminated in this round also. If a student clears HR interview the selection of that student is over and he is absorbed by the company.

In written tests one can prepare with puzzles and aptitude tests and this can help students to become successful in getting over with this round. One can prepare for quantitative aptitude and puzzle books.

Group discussion in colleges can be helpful as students are in a position to discuss about the current trends. These discussions help them to practice to say for and against a topic. This is how one can prepare for group discussions.

Technical interview tests student’s technical knowledge and generally interviewers ask for questions related to ones favorite subject. The job interviewer can also ask for the projects done by the students during their course of study.

HR interview is a formal round and it tests the attitude of the candidates and their personality. HRs also asks students about their family background and the occupation of their parents. One should answer positively in this round.

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