Jobs as travel writers

Writer, author and journalist – the difference is subtle but it’s there nevertheless!

These are your options if you have a penchant for writing travelogues or reviews about travel destinations. You can start by being a travel writer and then gather a good amount of experience and decide to move on as a journalist. Or, you can also start directly as a trainee travel journalist and the work as a trainee for some time before being promoted as a senior travel journalist. You can also author books based on travel destinations, itineraries, dining and other similar topics.

As a travel writer you can either opt to work for a newspaper or a magazine. In newspapers you have to be precise and informative with comparatively less usage of flowery language and generalization, which is a liberty you have while writing for magazines which publish cover stories on travel destinations and related to travel. In this you can take up writing as full time or part time career option as suitable and feasible. As a journalist, you can also opt for either newspaper or magazine journalism with the same option of taking it up as a full time or part time career.  You can expect to progress upwards as you gather experience and skill to perform better with time. The position can be that of a senior writer or journalist, followed by editor. This takes time and a great writing skill to attain.

For being an author you can select one from three possible career paths – travel, self published and guidebook author. As a travel author you can get your memoir of travels published by a minor publisher to start off with. Being a self published travel author you can expect to save a lot by keeping the royalties that would have otherwise gone to the publishers. And, if you think you know all that it needs to be a tourist guide then go ahead and jot it down in the form of a travel guidebook and get it published.

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