Resume for switching careers

Switching careers? Wondering how to frame your resume?  Here’s good news, there’s no big deal about creating a career changing resume. It’s all about placing the correct cards on the table so that your employer only gets to view the details that you want them to. This is more or less the same formula that is applicable in all cases of framing resumes or cover letters, only the approach becomes different according to what you aim at achieving. In this case, you are looking for a resume that will support your career change.

Let’s take a look at the things that you need to include in or remove from your resume so that it suits the purpose. Firstly, highlight your brand at the beginning of the resume. Start by focusing on your strengths and your skills so that the employers come to know what matters before anything else and also point out how it will contribute towards the organizational growth and development. All this should be completed within two sentences at the tops.

Take up the position of your educational qualifications to the second level of your resume as you don’t want the focus light on your employment details. After all, you are changing your course from one career to another and you probably don’t have anything to point out at present! So, play on your strengths and don’t let the weaknesses show – yes it is the same story everywhere! Next, you need to make a section that highlights your skills, especially transferrable ones which are not specific to a particular field. If you have managerial and leadership skills then don’t forget to mention these as there is always a demand for candidates with these qualities.

Most importantly, your technical skills should also be a part of your resume, especially those which are applicable to the position you are currently about to apply.

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