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Top 10 Career Tips for Young Professionals

A sound career planning can help you get a break through job opportunity, smoothing career growth ahead. Seeking advice and following career tips from seniors and experts, help you gain the knowledge which others earned after so much of experience and exposure. Starting phase of your career is one of the most crucial phases of your life, where you have to take every decision and step very wisely.


How Ideation in Daily Work Can Help You Improve Your Productivity!!

Every one’s KRAs are defined, processes framed, but there is no limit to innovations and inventions. Doing things different way keep you productive and your work interesting, motivating you do it better and harder. Doing routine work things same way, daily will make your work and atmosphere monotonous, and thereby you start getting saturated in the absence of challenges and newness. To avoid this situation apart from taking-in new projects, responsibilities, etc.. from management and authority, you can as well put-in your own efforts. Trying new ideas to do the same work, to do it better and in less time, trying different combinations and thereby keep a level of experimenting and in. (more…)