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Universities in India: Making the right choice for your career

universities in IndiaSelecting the right university is a crucial decision. India is home to some very prestigious Universities that are world renowned as pedagogical paradises. Yet it is also home to some corrupt institutions peddling faulty practices in the name of higher education. It is the right and responsibility of anyone seeking higher education to find the university that best serves their purpose without compromising on quality.

A good university cannot be easily defined, however some of the salient features would be: (more…)

Top 10 Career Tips for Young Professionals

A sound career planning can help you get a break through job opportunity, smoothing career growth ahead. Seeking advice and following career tips from seniors and experts, help you gain the knowledge which others earned after so much of experience and exposure. Starting phase of your career is one of the most crucial phases of your life, where you have to take every decision and step very wisely.