Unemployment: A different perspective

If the main problem of modern society is to be ascertained the first thing that comes in mind is the issue of unemployment. It is such an affair that plagues economies and countries irrespective of their nature and policies. As the population is steadily increasing all over the world unemployment is also rising high. Joblessness not only harms a nation’s economy but leaves a deep scar on the society as well. It is often said that the main reason of unemployment is the lack of industrialization in certain parts of the world. Had this notion been true it would have been impossible to find unemployed people in industrially prosperous regions. Moreover, nowadays every country is suffering from the unemployment disease.

Unemployment is not only an economic issue but a social stigma as well. A jobless person often and easily becomes an object of sarcasm and indignation. However, it is sometimes said that one who is unemployed is either not fit for service or lacks the essential qualities that make a person suitable for a job. But this is not entirely true. Recruiters also play an important role in keeping the statistics of unemployment high. It has been seen that most of the recruiters have a propensity to appoint the already employed people rather than employing the jobless multitude. They have a common belief that unemployed applicants must have some pitfalls that are keeping them off from getting work. The prejudice is more stubborn if the applicant has been fired from a previous job. It is taken for granted that those who have been fired even once are of no use and hence cannot be appointed.

Unemployment can be fought only by establishing new industries and offices. It is always important for recruiters to think of the applicants more sympathetically and reasonably. They have to shed off the idea that unemployed people cannot be employed and have to give a chance to the jobseekers. Unemployment discrimination is same as racial or gender discrimination. Therefore, it needs to be fought wholeheartedly to curtail unemployment problem.

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