Unique jobs right after graduation

Graduation is the point after which one needs to opt for suitable career options. After completion of graduation in fields like arts/sciences/commerce, one needs to search for career avenues that are available. There are numerous openings in government organizations like PSU banks, railways, police, defense and civil service. But, there are better and lucrative job options that are available in private companies which provide employees better pay package and other benefits. Most people these days prefer opting for MNC jobs or jobs in private firms because getting jobs in government organization is not that easy.

However, there are many career options open for graduates and candidates have confusion regarding the selection of the right career path. From here, one will get information about the right career path from which one can choose from.

Marketing and Sales: The growing trend of consumerism has given rise to lot of opportunities in the field of marketing and sales. Fresh graduates can opt for sales and marketing jobs in sales or marketing executive positions in various companies be it manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, IT and other verticals. Telemarketing is also considered to be a good career option, since e-commerce has developed rapidly. The earning potential in this field is huge as the remuneration is attractive which comprises of salary, commissions and allowance.

Animation/IT/Web Design: With the advent of IT, numerous job opportunities have opened up. One can choose to become a computer programmer, operator, software professional, web designer and animator. These courses are offered by various universities and other private institutes.

Mass Communication and Advertising/Journalism: India has witnessed that increase in the number of media houses and this has opened up various avenues for fresh graduates in this field. Mass communication and journalism is one of the most exciting field and graduates can take up jobs in the form of reporter, correspondent, columnist, anchor, etc. Professional courses in this field are provided by various reputed universities and private institutes and the pay package in this field is good.

Social Work: The increase of NGOs in India has given rise to the field of social work which is a promising career option for graduates. Courses related to social work is available in various universities and institutes. Students are opting for this path because they not only contribute to the society but they also get lucrative pay package.

Library Science: With the rapid development of information sciences, library science is now an avenue that offers promising and lucrative career. Library science is a degree course which is offered by various universities and private institutes. After completing the degree course one can join in museums, private libraries, art galleries and even in media or publishing houses.

Modeling: This is one of the most desirable and glamorous field that one can choose. However, to make it big in this field one needs proper professional training. Moreover, one should have excellent body structure to get into modeling. In modeling career one can get opportunity to work in showrooms, advertising agencies, media and production houses. Pay is quite high and one can even get the opportunity to participate in modeling assignments in foreign countries.

Apart from these, medical transcription, content writing, beauty care and other career options are also there.

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