1.84 लाख शिक्षकों को नए साल का तोहफा, मिलेगा छठवां वेतनमान

भोपाल। राज्य सरकार ने प्रदेश के 1.84 लाख शिक्षकों को नए साल का तोहफा देने का ऐलान किया है। मुख्यमंत्री शिवराज सिंह चौहान ने गुरुवार को घोषणा की कि एक जनवरी 2016 से प्रदेश के सभी 1.84 लाख शिक्षकों को छठवें वेतनमान के तहत ही वेतन दिया जाएगा। इस घोषणा के साथ ही अध्यापकों का एक दल शाम को मंत्री नरोत्तम मिश्रा के बंगले पर पहुंचा, जहां सभी ने मंत्री को मिठाई खिलाकर खुशी जताई। इस वेतनमान के लगने से शिक्षकों का वेतन दो से दस हजार रुपए तक बढऩे की संभावना है।
गौरतलब है कि प्रदेश के टीचर्स लंबे अर्से से छठवें वेतनमान को लागू करने की मांग कर रहे थे। और पढ़ें

Making a professional meeting successful

Making a professional meeting successfulBusiness meetings are always important as far as devising new strategies and exploring latest developments in the particular industrial field are concerned. It is obvious that those who are taking part in the meeting have to work to make the meeting become successful so that the desired results are achieved. However, if meetings fail to deliver the expected results the impact can be seen on the overall performance of the organization. Hence, it is important for the facilitator to follow certain rules in order to make a meeting a success. By following these rules the meeting facilitator can easily conduct the meeting properly and the meeting can achieve its desired objective.

Making a personal brand

Making a personal brandIt is often mistakenly opined that personal branding is the realm of entrepreneurs. However, the truth is it is as important to anyone else as to entrepreneurs. In fact, professionals can largely enhance their career prospects by building and maintaining a personal brand. It is needless to mention that there was no or a very little idea of personal branding among the masses even a few years ago also. But with the advent of internet and computers, this issue has grown more and more important over the time. It is to be kept in mind that the key to success in a competitive market is proper marketing and personal branding as a form of marketing can immensely help an individual secure a good job.

Leading remote teams effectively

Leading remote teams effectivelyWith the corporate sector becoming more and more varied in every aspect proper co-ordination among team members is more important than ever. As the success of a business organization nowadays largely depends on the performance of the teams as a whole, team members need to be connected with each other. It is to be kept in mind that in professional world the key to success is the ability to utilize the resources in the best possible way. With the increasing complexities in the corporate sector a perfect team performance has emerged as the most important requisite of a successful business. However, coordinating with a remotely located team can be tough at times as the team members are not always available in person. In such a situation the team leader has to follow certain rules in order to maintain an effective coordination.

Jobs in higher education

Jobs in higher educationPeople who want to build a good career in future always emphasize on those careers that have a good potential in future. The field of higher education is one such sector that is never going to fade away no matter what the market is like. Hence a large number of people nowadays are opting for a career in higher education. It is to be kept in mind that there are many opportunities in higher education and so a job seeker should be careful enough while making a choice of a career in this sector. Right from research works to