10 Biggest Career Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are going to start your career or you have shifted to a new job recently, you need to learn and follow work etiquette for real longevity on your job. There are some examples of behavioural patterns and habits that should be avoided in any workplace.

  1. Not having a life plan – Every successful person has a particular plan in life that he actually creates, nurtures and refers to it often.
  2. Not keeping updated – It is very important to keep updated in whatever career you have chosen so that you keep on moving and progressing.
  3. Losing perspective – It is essential to understand your shortcomings if you want to progress and move forward. For this you can take advice from your family, friends and colleagues as well.
  4. Fall short in delivering results – No matter how much effort you put into your work, if you fail to deliver results, you are fated for the unemployment line.
  5. Knowing everything – Nobody is perfect here. So, you should be open to gain knowledge in any stage of life. If you want to be a winner you need to take unceasing interest in learning new ideas and approaches.
  6. Disregarding to give credit to others – Losers incongruously take the credit of all positive events and they always reap what they sow.
  7. Keeping surrounded by brown-nosed people – Many people like to be surrounded with people who constantly tell them how smart and intelligent they are, regardless of whether or not it is true.
  8. Failing to self promote – Today is the trend of self promotion. Do not wait for your boss to promote you. Let everyone know about your achievements.
  9. Mixing efficiency with effectiveness – Try to connect personally with colleagues along with staying connected through email.
  10. Believing that you are irreplaceable – Do not overestimate yourself. There are many people who can do the job and you are not the only one.