10 Most Highly Paid Jobs

Money being the best motivator, fat salary is one of the major factor while deciding the career choices, like which stream of specialization to take and which industry to go-in. And if this same money drives you too, look at the most hot jobs, paying you big bucks and then, judge your career matching what skills you have and then decide which career to take. Here is the list of 10 most highly paid jobs in India in 2011, for your reference:

  1. Politicians: A politician’s salary though on papers is quite justifiable and the funds allotted reasonable. But the ground realty is that they are the top notch earning people with the least of edibility criteria to fulfill.
  2. Charted Accountant (C.A.) or Corporate Financial Advisor (CFA): Every company and businessman to manage his accounts and tax-files, need account experts. The reputation demand and thus salaries of the CAs and CFAs are one of the fattest in the market.
  3. Higher Level Management Cadre: Once you are at the higher level(both top as well middle level) in the management hierarchy in corporates, specially MNCs, the salaries along with your responsibilities are huge, high and rich.
  4. Sports-person: The zeal of sports is beyond explanation, players overnight become heroes and ideals and their endorsement value is speechless and so their incomes as well are handsome.
  5. Actors: The entertainment industry on account of its glam-charm and endorsement high values, pools out lots of money. And so are the actors, dream and desire of all, amongst the most highly paid individuals.
  6. Lawyers and Advocates: Once you have your name established and good records to back you up, your remuneration is what you desire and clients are willing to pay you all you command to have you on their side.
  7. Doctors and Medical Professionals: Doctors play vital role representing God’s manly form on earth saving life. So high being their responsibility and duty, so are their fesses also very high.
  8. Software and IT Sector: Hard and great efforts always call for higher remunerations and today’s world is being run by the these professionals and their great works and so are their salaries also attractive.
  9. Offshore Drilling: It may sound surprising to many, but the monopoly of Indian Government over the off-shore drilling profits, earned through ONGC, empowers the employees here to secure huge salaries for themselves.
  10. Scientists: The inventions and discoveries of our scientist, are running our world and connecting us the laws governing us and so vital being their contribution to society, they are fairly paid with high salary slabs.

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