Monthly Archive: September 2013

Make change happen

Merely waiting for a change is not going to change everything. It is you who have to take the initiative to make the change happen. Changes do not occur on their own. People are responsible for bringing forth changes or retarding their advent. Hence, do not wait for others to change the situation. If you have to be successful in life you have to take the initiative to initiate the change. An initial effort may not yield the desired result, but repeated efforts would surely take you to the paragon of success. (more…)

Criticizing in private may not help always

There are many business managers who think the ‘praise in public and criticize in private’ method yields good results. If you are such a person, it is probably time for you to change your approach. In fact criticizing in private may not help you always. A member of your team is accountable to the organization as well as to the team itself. When you choose to criticize one of your employees in private, you in a way undermine his or her accountability to the team thus putting the whole concept of team work in jeopardy. You need to follow certain rules if you want to increase the accountability of your team members. (more…)

Avoid turning your strength into your weakness

Your strength is your asset, but you have to be cautious not to turn it into your weakness. It has been seen that at times a certain strength of a person has turned into his weakness and has even ruined his career. Humility turns into diminishing personality, vision into aim less dreaming at times. So, you have to be careful regarding your strength and do whatever needs to be done in order to prevent your strength from turning into your weakness. Overemphasizing on your strength can cost you a lot, so use your strength in such a way so that you can have the desired result. (more…)

What is a Talent Network and how does it help

Recruitment has become much more than just posting your resumes on a career site and then waiting for the recruiter to find you and call you. At present you need to make an all out effort to reach out to the prospective recruiters and allow them to communicate with you by different means available. Talking about the ways to reach out to the prospective job seekers, the concept of talent network is in vogue. In this the candidates willingly become a part of the company’s database by filling a simple form which is usually included in a career site. This has become an extremely popular and successful ways of tapping the talent when it is required. (more…)

The road from Temps to permanent jobs

So what if getting through permanent jobs are becoming more and more difficult with every passing day? Now there’s a better way to get employed permanently – turn you holiday job into one! Haven’t yet got yourself acclimatized to this concept? It has actually become quite popular in some parts of the world where there is a huge demand for skilled workforce to work in the retail sector during the holiday season. Holidays are times when most of the retail outlets are looking for temp workers to fill up the positions that have been created due to the rise in demand. And if you want to secure a permanent position for yourself in the payrolls of the company then this is the best way to go about it. (more…)