Monthly Archive: September 2013

Conversing artfully

Conversation is something that happens naturally, flowing as spontaneously as a river and we become a part of it even as we breathe, unknowingly. As in every theory there is the definition of perfection which we try to attain while crossing the hurdles, so it is here as well. This is an idealistic picture of what conversation should be like, more specifically, the aesthetics behind the art of conversation. Present day conditions are somewhat different, a bit on the difficult side even with conversations no longer happening as naturally as it should have been.  So, it has become necessary to start finding ways to strike a good conversation when there are perfect stranger involved. (more…)

Make the first few seconds of your interview count

No matter what you may have heard before, this is the fact that the first few seconds of the interview will always be more important than the rest. If you can make a positive impression during these few seconds then it will definitely help you in creating a lasting impression in the mind of the recruiter.

Eye contact can definitely make a lot of difference in the way the interviewer perceives you.If you are looking for a way to bring out your confidence and assertiveness then there can hardly be a better way than to communicate via body language and remember, (more…)

Bagging a seasonal job

When permanent jobs become hard to get and companies more inclined in cutting down on resources, getting a seasonal can also be good news for most families. And, don’t think that just because these are seasonal jobs there won’t be any competitions. In fact, there are thousands of suitable candidates out there who are waiting to get through a temp job and have a fixed source of income for at least a few months in a row. This season, though not promising to be something miraculous is definitely predicted to be better than what it was the previous year. Call it silver lining or a ray of hope, its good times for the temp job seekers! (more…)

Unnoticed but costly errors in resumes

There are some errors that are easily noticeable but then there are others which go unnoticed and stay hidden. These are usually detected by the person going through your resume. These are mistakes which may not seem too important at the first look but they actually play an important role in making or breaking your image in front of your prospective employer. So, it’s better if you try and avoid such mistakes.

While formatting your resume you may be tempted to use fancy fonts which according to you will keep the reader interested enough to go through your details but it’s actually the opposite. (more…)

Psychology as a career building subject

For the students of psychology who have a fair idea about the hurdles they have to cross in order to get a reputable job in their subject of choice, in this case psychology, it is always a good idea to be aware of the options that they have in front of them so that they can plan their academic and professional career accordingly. Psychology has a wide application in a number of fields but it’s just that they will need to spend a long time before they become eligible to get a full time job as a psychologist.

To be able to ap (more…)