Monthly Archive: October 2013

The job of a technical brewer

The main job of a technical brewer is to manage the production of lagers and beers. The management of the production process involves quality maintenance and supervising biochemical processes including heating, cooling and fermenting. The functions of a technical brewer involve checking the quality of the beer, keeping records of the manufacturing process, managing suppliers, supervising technical improvements, checking the quality of the raw materials and overseeing packaging processes. Technical brewers may also be sometimes entrusted with the work of developing new beers, especially to cater to the demand of the public. (more…)

The Finance Manager’s Business Ethics

What is business ethics? In simple terms it is a set of rules that emphasizes on the moral obligation of business managers to the employees, economy, law and the society. Business ethics require managers to manage business without taking resort to any unfair mean. But, the issue of business ethics was not in much discussion before the fall of Enron a decade ago. The bankruptcy of Enron underscored the necessity of ethical business operations, especially when it comes to accounts and financial affairs. A finance manager is responsible for managing the accounts of a company. So, it is his job to see that moral values are being followed by the company in financial matters. (more…)

Taking help of resume services

With the increasing competition in the job market there is always a need to be a step ahead of others. A good resume can significantly enhance the chances of getting employed. Resumes can be considered as a jobseekers identity to the employer. So, more clear and attractive the identity is, more is the chance of getting employed. You may think that while writing a resume is not a biblical task, then why anyone should hire a resume service! In fact, writing a proper resume is not as easy as it seems to be. (more…)

Sharing data with team members

The work of a manager is to keep the work process smooth and deliver the performance desired by the employer. If you are in such a position you must know how important it is to have coordination in your team in order to maximize the output. But, there are many business managers who find it easier to keep crucial data hidden from his team members rather than sharing with them. Such an attitude only increases the stress on the manager and ultimately poses a serious hindrance to the overall performance of the organization. Hence, data sharing among team members is absolutely important. (more…)

Rehiring retirees is not a good practice

Many companies tend to rehire retired personnel as consultants only at a higher cost. It has been seen that the people who retire from a company often get employed by the same or another company and are paid much higher than their previous salary. However, the retires who are rehired hardly pass their knowledge and skill to the next generation of employees, thus creating a total; dependency of the company on them. Many multinational as well as regional business institutions spend a lot of money in hiring the retired employees to utilize their expertise. (more…)