Monthly Archive: October 2013

Proper ways to give a feedback

Giving feedback to employees is absolutely necessary if performance and productivity is to be improved. However, giving proper feedback requires skill to some extent. If you happen to be an employer and always stumble every time when it comes to giving feedback to your employees, you should follow some simple rules that would help you to communicate with your employees effectively.

First, try to be as positive as possible. (more…)

The job of a Data Scientist

With the advancement of science and technology several new industrial sectors have been developed in modern world. Data scientists have become an important genre of professionals who are responsible for analyzing as well as translating them into more readable guidelines. Companies all over the world heavily depend on data scientists for carrying out their day to day functions properly and smoothly. There are different tasks that a data scientist may need to perform. (more…)

Start your day early to have a good day at work

Early risers are always likely to deliver better performance in professional field than late risers or night shift workers. In fact, those who rise early report of being happier than those who work at night. The standard shift of 9 to 5 is not only a mere working shift, those who work in this shift can also give more output at their workplaces. If you think that starting your day early in the morning and getting everything done perfectly is not your forte, you need to keep some simple things in mind that would make the whole affair easier for you. (more…)

Off loading your CV

Writing a proper CV may seem easy but when it comes to actually writing down, a lot of people stumble. It is needless to mention that a CV works to create the first impression on the minds of recruiters about the job seeker. Hence, it is important for CVs to be as precise and informative as possible. But, inexperienced job seekers find it difficult to trim off that extra fat that needlessly make resumes clumsy and difficult to understand. It is to be kept in mind that the more precise and clear a CV is, more is the chance of the job seeker getting employed. (more…)

MBA is still in vogue

The degree of Masters in Business Administration has always been regarded as a must for those who want to build a good career in the corporate world. The more renowned the institute is more valuable is the degree. But with the passage of time the huge demand of MBA degree holders has led to the establishment of a large number of business schools across the globe. Almost all of these schools offer an authentic degree and provide on campus placement opportunities to students. Even amidst a crumbling economy it cannot be said that the importance of MBA degree has faded away. (more…)