Monthly Archive: November 2013

Writing a CV without real work experience

Your resume or CV can be a decisive factor in your success in grabbing a job. There are many who think that a CV is nothing more than a paper with some information. But, the reality is quite different. Your CV is your identity to your potential employer. The interviewer can derive a lot of conclusions about you by going through your CV. So, it is important for you to know how to write a CV and especially when you do not have much work experience to boast of. A CV without real work experience can also be made attractive and convincing. (more…)

Working on an oil rig

Oil and natural gas play a pivotal role in keeping the world on the move. As a result the world is getting more and more dependent on oil. Hence oil drilling has become more important nowadays than ever. There is enough scope of getting employed on an oil rig if the employee can show appropriate qualifications and credentials. However, a person aiming for a job on an oil rig has to consider certain things before proceeding with the idea. (more…)

Words that can kill your resume

A resume plays an important part in helping a person secure a job. If you think that resumes are mere papers with some information, you are miles away from the truth. You resume is your identity to your would be employer. So, always maintain some caution while writing your resume. There are certain things that you should avoid at any cost if you have to impress your probable boss in the very first go. Remember, these words are not only inappropriate but also work a lot to develop a negative feeling about you in your boss’s mind. (more…)

Understanding the Job Market

If you are a fresh graduate and getting a job is your priority at this moment, you better first understand the job market and how it works. It is to be kept in mind that finding a job is not that easy especially under the present economic condition. Hence you should gear yourself up to face the challenges that the job market is going to throw in your path. Though recruiters often post advertisements regarding job vacancies in their organization, coming across the right job opportunity and getting employed is sheer luck. Here in comes the importance of job boards and recruitment consultancies. (more…)