Monthly Archive: January 2014

Job of a toy maker

Toys have served as a source of entertainment and enjoyment for kids, since many centuries. The designs and materials used for crafting toys have undergone a change but the demand and popularity of toys have never decreased amongst the customers which are mainly children. The sharp growths in the demand of toys have increased the works of the toy makers. The toy makers are professional creators of toys which are the products of their creativity and innovations. There are some toy makers who take care of the entertainment and enjoyment of the teenagers and grownups. For this purpose they design the outdoor games, board games and casino games. (more…)

Importance of street smart executive

The street vendors and hawkers are devoid of the degrees and diploma courses in business applications and business administrations. However, they practice their business and manage to earn the desired profit. The profit earned by them is not a product of any formal education, it is the fruit of both practical knowledge and acquired skill of handling the business affairs. Dealing with customers and convincing them to buy makes the street vendors street smart executive. (more…)

Importance of knowing foreign languages

In the era of globalization, communication amongst people plays a vital role in establishing links and contacts for different purposes. The need of maintaining contacts with different people around the world has increased the importance of those individuals, who are equipped with the knowledge of foreign languages. Be it business, politics, education; a person who knows to converse in any foreign languages enjoys a preference in establishing network or reducing a communication gap between those individuals, who are unknown to different foreign languages. (more…)

Impact of Eye contact in interviews

Eyes are the mirrors of mind. Thus every eye movement speaks in volumes, and goes on describing different human expressions. In an interview, eye contact plays a vital role in conveying the confidence, self esteem and the quality of communicating with a person. A candidate while facing an interview should remember to maintain an eye contact with the members of the interview board which reflects his ability to communicate with the nonverbal gestures.

The correct ways of eye contacts (more…)

How to respond on various job offers

It’s a general thought process of people to get confused while choosing the correct job offer. Those who are left unemployed for long often tend to commit mistake in choosing the correct offer when exposed to multiple job option. The wrong decision taken in opting for the job often hampers the work progress and personal life which further leads to conflict and depression. One must take time to analyze and consider the positive and negative points of the job before making the final decision of joining. For this he needs to evaluate the abilities and the check the compatibility of his abilities with the type of work. (more…)