Monthly Archive: March 2014

Finding the unadvertised job

The present global economic situation has made it tougher for job seekers to secure a good job. In fact companies are Finding the unadvertised job now finding it more and more difficult to appoint new employees or even to retain their existing employees due to the squeeze in the financial condition. However, it is to be kept in mind that according to a latest research almost sixty percent of the total job opportunities in the market go unadvertised and so job seekers have to look beyond news paper job advertisements in order to secure a good job even in the present tough economic situation.

Finding the ideal job

Finding the ideal job Skills and experience may be your forte but they are not enough to make you happy in your professional field. In order to build a successful career in life you have to choose a job where you would be able to deliver your best performance. When conventional job searching techniques seem to be fruitless you have to be more innovative that would help you land with your most desired career option. Of late, the Personal Job Advertisement process has become hugely popular. In this process you advertise yourself rather than waiting for employers to advertise job openings. (more…)

Different aspects of reverse mentoring

Different aspects of reverse mentoring Reverse mentoring, though a comparatively new idea in the professional sector, has become hugely popular nowadays. It is to be kept in mind that reverse mentoring does not always involve new technologies, but can encompass all the aspects of a business organization. In this process a less experienced individual guides his or her colleagues over certain matters. The main benefit of reverse mentoring is that it helps both the organization as well as its employees in a lot of ways. The reverse mentors can also earn an appreciation for the works that they do and can even enhance their own knowledge and skill.

Those who want to be a reverse mentor should always find the mentoring opportunities first. It is better to look for these opportunities and help those who are in need of some help. (more…)

Staying Mindful is Possible within the Stressful Life and Work

Staying Mindful is Possible within the Stressful Life and Work

Mindfulness is an essential trait for the success in any profession. Without giving sufficient concentration no one can excel in his task, as diverted mind cannot let you focus entirely to your work. In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness of being completely engaged in a particular thought, without any judgment. Mindfulness is helpful to increase resilience and sharpen up intelligence, so at work being mindful lets you improve your communication with others. Your performance improves in the process, for your anxieties, conflicts and stresses get greatly reduced, and your productivity gets a boost. (more…)

How to Measure your Own Skills for a Particular Job

How to Measure your Own Skills for a Particular Job You are the best judge to assess your strength and deficiencies. This is true as well to measure your skills for an effective job search campaign, because assessing the key information about yourself will give you a better conception to choose the most suitable career. Mere updating your CV will not help you much until you are not so sure about the actual skill factors that can help you to match with certain job parameters. Therefore, a thorough and practical approach to uncover your real skills is very necessary before you include them in your CV as well as your planning to go ahead for any particular field of jobs. (more…)