Monthly Archive: March 2014

Alternatives of job boards that help in grabbing a job

Alternatives of job boards that help in grabbing a jobWith jobs becoming scarcer especially in the economy that has been causing havoc in the world for the last few years, it is more important than ever to make use of latest job searching procedures that are capable of yielding the best results within a very little time. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of options other than job boards that a job seeker can make use of in order to enhance job prospects. It is viable to make use of newer and newer job search techniques in order to end up with the desired job. (more…)

Advocating a hike in salary

Advocating a hike in salaryAt times you may think that you deserve a much better salary in your job and that you have to talk directly to your boss for salary negotiations. Advocating a salary hike is something that you need to consider carefully in order to arrive at the desired end. It is to be kept in mind that there are several steps that you need to cross if you have to go and ask for a salary hike. First you have to consider whether you are truly eligible for salary hike. Consider carefully what you have achieved in the last few months and how you have contributed towards the development of the organization that can substantiate your advocacy for a pay hike.

What makes the interviews bad

What makes the interviews badInterviews are conducted by various firms and companies, with the intention of searching the suitable employees for the vacant positions. Interviews are the formal and systematic process of selecting the eligible candidates. Thus the candidates are expected to maintain the rules and decorum of an interview. Apart from the qualifications present in the resume, the interviewers also consider the presentation and code of conduct while selecting the appearing candidates. There are some formal codes of conduct which should be strictly followed by the interviewee during the time of an interview. Absurd dressing styles, attending phone calls during the interview and informal behaviour lead to the framing of bad impression in minds of the interviewer.

Samples of the bad interview (more…)

Steps to create lasting impression

Steps to create lasting impressionFirst impression sets the last impression is universally accepted and acknowledged. The second big job is to maintain the good impression long lasting. Creating an impression and retaining it, plays a vital role in the job sector. Good impression fixates a prestigious position in the office amongst other workers or service holders. One of the most important techniques of grabbing the attention and creating an impression on the superior authority is to obey the instruction given by them in order to make them feel superior to others. One should not try to exceed the higher authority individuals as it may evoke the feeling of insecurity and annoyance in them and these expressions of are not good for those working under them. (more…)

Purpose of creating a suitable work place

Purpose of creating a suitable work placeThe entrepreneurs aim at achieving the set target and improve the performance of the company. For the purpose of achieving the set target, the owners create an ambience of work pressure over the employees and the workers which in turn sets on a wave of tension and frustration amongst the workers of the company. The job pressure no doubt triggers efficiency amongst the employees. However it reduces employee’s dedication towards work and makes the ambiance of the working place unsuitable and unfriendly for the workers. The company owners must thing about his employees by providing them some comfort in the working place, amongst the work pressure.

What is an ideal work place? (more…)