A personal website enhances job prospects

Getting a job is a tough task especially for a fresh graduate who do not have much work experience in any field. Therefore, it is important for everyone to take certain measures that would enhance their job prospects to a large extent by keeping them a step ahead of their competitors. One of the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of emp0loyers on the very first go is to have a personal website. Under the present scenario, where getting a job is tougher than ever, having a CV is not enough. If you have to really impress your would be employer and wants him to know all your positive sides, you have to develop a personal website and place your address on your resume.

Latest studies show that almost 56 percent of employers prefer those candidates who have personal websites yet only 7 percent of the candidates have a personal website. The main advantage of having a personal website is that you can easily let your potential boss know about your strengths, skills, experiences and all that you are capable of doing. It is better to have these attributes described in your personal website than to write then in your resume as it would highlight your technical skills along with your creativity.

A properly designed website also convinces employers that you are such a person who takes career seriously. Moreover, in an era when online application and online search for employees are becoming more and more widely practiced, having a personal website can always enhance the job prospects. This would enable you to secure a perfect job as employers would be able to find your portfolio over the internet without much hassle. However, you also have to be careful about the personal information that you provide in your website. It is better to provide interesting but neutral information in the website.