Active listening skills

Active listening skill set is something that is often ignored by candidates in an interview or an employee at work. It is something which is as important as public speaking skills and presentation skills. Listening skills are not inherent in people, therefore it needs to be replicated and instilled by the method of practice. Let us take a look at how listening skills can be replicated and used wisely.

Replicating active listening skills

You could be a candidate in an interview or a regular employee at work. Listening skills can be of great importance in maintaining a sense of mutual understanding with your employer. Here are some tips on how you can instill in yourself good listening skills.

  • You need to sit straight with a firm posture while communicating with your employer and make eye contact.
  • Remove all kinds of distractions away such as a pager or cell phone.
  • Do not cross your arms while talking.
  • Ask questions that are open ended such as those that cannot be replied with a yes or no answer. This will encourage the speaker to talk and communicate more. This will help in a conversation that does not have blocks and hurdles.
  • Smiling and nodding at regular intervals go a long way in making the conversation smooth.
  • Interrupting the speaker in between is never a good idea and should be discouraged.
  • Listen carefully, imbibe in the details and yet be alert to their state of emotions.

Replicating the above tips to further your active listening skills could take you a long way. It is not something that should be ignored and wasted away. A person with good listening skills can make deep inroads into his/her professional life and thus can carve out a good career.

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