Advocating a hike in salary

Advocating a hike in salaryAt times you may think that you deserve a much better salary in your job and that you have to talk directly to your boss for salary negotiations. Advocating a salary hike is something that you need to consider carefully in order to arrive at the desired end. It is to be kept in mind that there are several steps that you need to cross if you have to go and ask for a salary hike. First you have to consider whether you are truly eligible for salary hike. Consider carefully what you have achieved in the last few months and how you have contributed towards the development of the organization that can substantiate your advocacy for a pay hike.

Proper timing plays a crucial role in making the move for a salary hike. It is needless to mention that putting the proposal forward when the organization is not going through a healthy economic condition. As a result you should be careful enough regarding the time when you make the move. Most companies generally review their employees’ performance on bi-yearly or annual basis. The best time to tell your boss about your salary hike is the post assessment period if your performance is better than expected.

Knowing your own market value is another important factor that you should consider while asking your boss for a salary hike. You should look in to the market and check what people in your position in other companies are earning. It would not be wise to make an unreasonable demand as that can project you as dispensable. You have to keep in mind that in order to properly put the issue forward you have to know what you are asking for. It is important to build a strong business case and place your argument on your achievements rather than on abstract concepts.

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