An impressive resume for a Fresher

How to go about a resume that will impress at the first look itself? After all, the competition is tough and there will be loads of resumes lined up in the recruiter’s mail box. So, rest assured, they will not give more than 15 seconds to glance through each and the decision to make an interview call will also be made as quickly as that.

The difference is made when the recruiter lingers on for, say, half a minute and marks your resume as an impressive one. If this happens, then you’ll definitely be marked as one of the potential candidates who are suitable for the vacancy.

A Resume to Impress – Basic Features

  • Start with your career objective – This will make it clear to the recruiter that you’re well aware of your career goals and ambitions. While stating the objective you need to remember that it should not narrow down on a particular segment. Keep it broad so that it may fit in with the requirement easily. It ideally contains the reason you’re applying, your contribution to the job profile and to the organization as a whole.
  • Highlight your strengths and exemplify them with your past achievements. Recruiters usually look for illustrations of leadership, initiative, motivation, cooperation and coordination, ability to work in teams and problem solving and/or negotiation skills. It’s definitely a good idea to stress on these while listing out your achievements.
  • Don’t make the usual categories rather innovate with the way you list out your academic qualifications. You can try mentioning some special points along with your school, high school or college education. Though unusual, it may actually draw the recruiter to read more.
  • Above all, pay attention to the font size and style. Make your resume attractive as well as soothing to the eyes, neither too outrageous nor too subtle.

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