Be Courageous Enough to Take Ownership of Your Work!!

Your work is your responsibility. While delegating any work, management/authority expect results out of it. Though circumstances always are not in anyone’s control and as such many a times your plans and implementation do not work out the way they are expected to be. It’s a common observation and mind-set that people are seen taking credit and admiration on their achievements and good results. While if the project does not work out, they would start looking for other’s mistakes and shortcomings, finding a target to be accused. Ownership of work implies that the one who is in-charge of the work must take the accountability and not pass on the blames of all loopholes on others and keep credit and decision-taking right for himself.

While if you take ownership of your work your accountability will automatically make you more responsible and you’ll there do it as if it’s your own work. There being attached to the project in hand, you will on your own take initiatives, optimize the resources and thus be more productive. To reap-of these benefits of this activity you must:

  • Realize and understand the importance of work, the pivotal role it will play for your company and how will it contribute to the organizational goal.
  • Enjoy doing your work, and thereby you will come up with new ways to do it better and more productive. As what you enjoy, you do it best and go beyond your usual efforts to make it best.
  • Take proud in your work, knowing how much honest efforts you have put in your work. Results always are not important, nor are the future circumstances in hand, so what all you can do is be focused to your goal and put-in your 100% efforts and be proud of it.
  • Develop new skills in yourself. Make yourself flexible and adaptable to the environment.  And learn from your experiences and develop your expertise.
  • Develop new and innovative ideas and implement them. Innovation always paves way further to new developments and solutions.
  • Take an analytic approach. Keep yourself informed about the market trends and evaluate the results of your decisions/processes/implementations at every stage to get rectification at early stage whenever possible.
  • Be bold enough to take onus of failures as well. Unless you are brave enough of accept and realize your mistakes, you won’t learn from it. Learning from mistakes is more important than not doing one.