Becoming a criminal investigator

If crime rates are rising in all countries around the world, so is the demand for dedicated and crime fighting personnel. And, the role of a criminal investigator in enforcing law and securing justice can’t be denied at any cost. Talking about criminal investigators, think Sherlock Holmes or Miss Jane Marple, two immortal characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie (respectively). Though these references are of no particular consequences here, any discussion about criminal investigation remains incomplete without at least a miniscule reference to them – inspiring and courageous, determined in their pursuit of criminals. These are exactly what you need to have if you are aiming for a career as a criminal investigator.

Coming back to reality, let’s take a look at the basic academic qualifications and eligibility requirements that you need to clear. First of all, your high school education should have science subjects in the curriculum – physics, biology, chemistry and math as these will frame your foundation in analytical skills. Next, graduation must be done with Psychology as the major. This will help you in understanding the crime scenes and the real motives behind certain crimes as well as assist you in understanding criminals. Next, you need to get a degree in criminal justice followed by a police training course which will prepare you both mentally and physically, to deal with the routine that is adopted by law enforcement officers. Once done, look for a position as a trainee or assistant to an officer so that you can gather on-field experience.

The mind of an analytic, the precision of an artisan, ability to collect and decipher data, patience and lots of grit and stamina to withstand the tremendous pressures of working in crime scenes – these are only a few of the skills that you should be looking to enrich and hone if you are really interested in making it big as a criminal investigator. Also, keep reading research papers and case studies where real life incidents are narrated and analyzed in detail. This will make you understand the procedures in a better way.

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