Becoming a successful Business Development Manager

There is no dearth of business and management schools. What follows is a good number of trained professionals who are ready to take on their job with zest and sincerity. So, the supply curve is positive. Let’s take a look at the demand curve now. It is actually at an interesting position, with enterprises looking for not just qualified professionals but those with an edge and smartness to deal with complex business environments that have become the most important defining feature at present. So, the role of a business development manager has also evolved considerably according to the requirements of the organizations.

Today, becoming successful requires planning and re-planning at every step so that the resources can be used in the most efficient manner possible to achieve the business goals. Now, the role of a BDM doesn’t end at planning of daily targets. They are responsible for ensuring the business plans are modified and adapted according to the demands of the environment. All the factors such as the economic, social, financial and political scenario, needs to be analyzed in order to design a workable and achievable plan.

Developing the business also entails that the manager is aware of ‘developments’ that are taking place in their immediate as well as distant surroundings as well as market trends. They also have to keep a tab on useful information and employ such techniques that will be fruitful in bringing in more clients. One important aspect of the BDM’s work is networking with professionals both from inside the industry as well as outside it.

The main skills that can take a business development manager to greater heights of success are communication skills, creativity and good hold on problem solving tactics. Of course, they need to be diplomatic to the ‘D’ with excellent knowledge on the concepts of business.

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