Becoming a successful image consultant

Do you have a knack for style and fashion and do you love to suggest wardrobe and accessories to your friends? In that case, how about a flourishing and attractive career as an image consultant – imagine doing something you love to and getting paid for that as well! It’s a bit out of the ordinary but it’s a wonderful way to create an impressive career and be a hundred percent satisfied about what you are doing.

To be an image consultant what you need to have is an intrinsic sense of style in you because no amount of professional training will be able to ingrain that. Next, you need to polish these skills by interacting with professional image consultants as well as getting yourself a degree in fashion and image consultant related courses. The best way to start off in this profession would be to get hired as a part of an image consultant’s firm. Begin as an apprentice and gain experience. After a few years when you have feel you have enough of hands on training and saved quite a bit, then you can use your contacts and plan for starting your own image consultancy services.

At this stage the best way you can advertise your services is being the Ad yourself. How is that possible? Well, once your clients see you well-groomed and always displaying an impeccable sense of style and good at your interpersonal skills, you don’t need to place separate ads – you will be noticed as it is! Remember, in this profession, word of mouth has a lot of value and so, you need to be an example of what image up-gradation does to be able to convince your clients to hire your services. You also need to be ‘people person’ and be empathetic enough to understand the personalities and hone them to perfection.

In all, becoming a successful image consultant is all about displaying the perfection in style, confidence and wardrobe choice that you want your clients to follow.

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