Being Different with Same Set of Pre-Defined KRAs!!

Not every employee gets the same ratings during assessments , its all about how to be different with the same set of pre-defined KRAs. Job responsibilities and daily duties are defined and delegated to you by your boss, but how you do it, in your job, the better you do it, the more effective you will be. To move ahead and lead the rat-race you can try following measures:

  • Meet Your Deadlines : Meeting deadlines is the first thing Bosses note, while assessing their employees. To get yourself some extra marks try to finish achieve your targets before time and get some buffer.
  • Be a Consistent Performer : A race winner definitely is applauded, but like rabbit relaxing once you have achieved your target is not acceptable. Performance graph must not have gaps or step drops, ideally it has to be consistent if not progressive.
  • Be Innovative and Try New Ideas : The one who tries doing same things in different manners, manages his work and time much efficiently and thus makes better use of resources is every boss’s favorite .
  • Volunteer for New Projects : May be your work-pressure would get more tightened up by participating in new projects, but Management is all about doing more in better way and yet be systematic.
  • Develop New Skills : Develop new skills and sharpen the ones you already have. Doing so not only you boost your confidence and build-up your own personalty. But at the same time you worth also does increases for the company/employer.
  • Bring Flexibility and Adaptability in Yourself : Processes and technologies keeps changing and so bring in yourself flexibility and adaptability to change and adapt according to the situations.
  • Work-out Your Boss’s Requirements, Before Being Said : Anticipate you boss’s requirement on the basis of the circumstances and work on it to bring him solutions, before the requirement comes forth him.
  • Abide by the Company Policies and Procedures : Ethics are an integral part of every company’s PR policy and so always abide by
  • Be Career-Minded : One who is aware of his own career and growth and works hard for it, definitely will be good and efficient at his work and earn achievements.