Break the Monotony- Work Is Fun

Anything that we do every day is monotonous. When we were kids, it was undoubtedly studies & now that we have grown up & are working professionals, it has to be our work. It happens to everyone. But it has negative effects too. Monotony equals to boredom which may lead to frustration & finally change in job. This is something which can impact your career badly.

If you are facing the same situation then there are two ways to solve the issue- 1. You can try to understand the reasons & resolve or 2. Quit. The choice is yours. Those who want to choose the 2nd option the discussion ends right there. But those who want to give the situation a try; we have some important tips to overcome monotony at the workplace.

  • Check which part of your work is most annoying? Make a list of things that bothers you the most, also list your emotions, i.e., when & why do you feel most demotivated. If you can understand the problem, solving them would be a lot more easy
  • Make a list of your hobbies & interests, things that you are passionate about. Then rate them on a scale of 1-10. Things that get more than 8 will qualify, rest will get eliminated. Finally when you are left with the top 3 interests you know that those are your true passions and they deserve more time
  • Take time out for socializing. Attend trainings, seminars related to career opportunities
  • Talk to your boss about the discomfort. Tell them you are ready for more responsibility. Ask about the growth options available

As we all are human beings, getting rid of work monotony is not enough, we also need some fresh air to breath. That can be done by incorporating fun activities at the workplace. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try to overcome monotony, it will keep coming back. To make your workplace interesting what you can do is-

  • Decorate your work station with beautiful items
  • Use bright colors
  • Keep pictures of your loved ones
  • Celebrate your success with peers
  • Organize fun activities, like- go as you like, talent hunt contest or treasure hunt
  • Smile, smile & smile- it’s contagious

If something is pulling you down, surrendering is not an option. Only you can turn the situation for good.

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