Business and religions of the world

Various religious texts and ancient scriptures have truck loads of information that are applicable in the present day business markets. Indian strategist and master politician Kautilya, better known as Chanakya, was one of the earliest proponents whose teachings and ideas continue to inspire thousands of corporate professionals and entrepreneurs even today. It is the timing of the strategy along with the absolute and exact application that stands to take the company far head in the highly competitive markets. This article sheds light on the various ideas found in religious texts and teachings that find application in businesses today.

The art of discipline

The broad concept of Hinduism deals with the aspect of ‘karma’ which refers to deeds that a person does in his/her life. The practice of his good deeds will have a positive influence in his life whereas the bad deeds would incur destruction of the physical and mental faculties. This broadly defines the art of discipline that entrepreneurs must try to learn and follow in their life. At the workplace, the employer must treat his/her employees with respect and dignity. Only then, can the same be expected from the other side.

Workplace – a global cultural village

With more and more professionals emigrating from their own country to different countries, the workplace is today converting into a mini global village where there are people from different races, cultures, religions and sects. The picture of intertwining cultures and religions is indeed a happy one. This again relays back to the fact of religions harping on universal peace and brotherhood to be followed everywhere.

Liberal policies

Scriptures have also highlighted the fact that modern business practices have a strong and substantiated base in the religious thoughts and ideals. While creativity and new age ideas stem from employees, there is always the concept of fair wage systems, incentives and monetary rewards that has formed the crux of every corporate firm.

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