Career in Banking Calling!

Banking is one of the most sought after category of Jobs in India . Banking being a basic requirement for a developing country like India, there is a vast scope for making career considering Banking Jobs. Need for banking being so vital, this sector has undergone radical changes, development and channelization. Today more than 150 banks are operating in India, with almost 50,000 branches and 17,000 ATMs and these figures itself reflect the employment worth of in this field.

Career in banking as well is preferred in our society on account of the benefits bank-employees receive in terms of financial benefits, easy work-pressure, holidays, etc. Lured with this additional lust, banking sector offers a long list of careers to go-in for. And if you are thinking of making a career in Banking, you can consider the following options, but yes the your selection has to be backed by the eligible academics and skills:

  1. Customer Servicing is highly important and crucial in this field, pooling out lots of job opportunities.
  2. Front Desk team is required to support helps the back-office management.
  3. Cash Section team further is hired to receive and handle the cash related transactions.
  4. Accounts Handling is the basic requirement in this field, wherein the tasks of opening of accounts and simultaneous support is required. Various forms of accounts viz, Savings, Current, Demat, Recurring, etc. all requires expert handling, thereby specific officers’ team is hired to handle each respectively.
  5. Banking Officers are required to take care of the banking processes and solutions.
  6. Probationary Officer’s post is further one very lucrative option to go in for.
  7. Loan Section as well offers lots of viable employment options in terms of Officer, Assessor, Agents, loan-underwriter, loan processing officer and Manager. Variety of loans, viz, Personal, Home, Education, Mortgage,etc. further widens the job scope.
  8. Accountant, in addition to cashiers are needed.
  9. Product Development, Maintaining and Branding offers creative section of jobs hereby.
  10. Sales Executive’s post definitely can be your choice if you have the skills and interest in sales.
  11. Recovery Officers are as well required to support the loan team, whenever need be or such.
  12. Retail Asset Manager is yet another section for you to try.
  13. Property Appraising section offers you a very strong opportunity platform.
  14. House-keeping and Security section as well employs a lot of people therein.