Career Path for a Baker

There’s much to look forward to, what you need is a strong foothold in the industry, and this doesn’t come overnight (as in all cases). You’ve got to strive hard to get to a secure position and earn your place among the best in the profession by showing constant endeavor towards attaining the completion deadlines and delivering quality and flavor both, even at the busiest times of the year. Yes, there’s one more thing to add at this point, don’t be scared if you don’t see any progress in the way the industry is reacting to baking as a profession, just stick on and keep doing your job. Regularity must be blended well with innovation and creativity so that your employer can get a difference in taste, once in a while!

As a baker you can go for a job with large scale manufacturers (of cakes or breads), specialized bakeries, gourmet restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores and any other eatery or shop which creates, stores and sells baked items. After gaining enough experience in any one of the above places, you can also opt for a job as a pastry cook. Now, this is something that is much in demand, especially considering the fact that the festivities attract a huge number of takers to the different restaurants and shops. There is less number of skilled pastry cook than what is demanded. This is because it is extremely difficult to get established as a pastry cook being more demanding than baking.

There is another risky option for those who are keen on taking up the reins as an entrepreneur than being employed in some bakery – opening a store or starting their own franchise! Sounds good enough? Select your target customers because it is very important to work round a niche than catering to mass. This ensures a set progress path and doesn’t leave any scope for wayward decisions that may prove to be less lucrative.

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