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Different aspects of reverse mentoring

Different aspects of reverse mentoring Reverse mentoring, though a comparatively new idea in the professional sector, has become hugely popular nowadays. It is to be kept in mind that reverse mentoring does not always involve new technologies, but can encompass all the aspects of a business organization. In this process a less experienced individual guides his or her colleagues over certain matters. The main benefit of reverse mentoring is that it helps both the organization as well as its employees in a lot of ways. The reverse mentors can also earn an appreciation for the works that they do and can even enhance their own knowledge and skill.

Those who want to be a reverse mentor should always find the mentoring opportunities first. It is better to look for these opportunities and help those who are in need of some help. (more…)

The Job search fears

It is to be kept in mind that when it comes to job searches there are many people who fear several aspects of this issue. But, if you have to secure the job that you want you have to overcome this fear and make job search easier. This would help you find the job that you have desired for long and you can easily build a good career.

  • Many people have a fear of networking which ultimately does no good to their job search efforts. It is true that interacting with strangers and introducing yourself to them can be a tough task and you may get nervous sometimes, but it certainly does not mean that you would not undertake networking. It is better to talk with one person at a time as you can clearly convey all that you want to say in this way.
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Role of nonverbal communication in an interview

The negative gestures and its impact Apart from the qualification, impressive resumes, portfolios and communication skills, non verbal communication also counts, during an interview. The interviewees often commit the mistake of ignoring the importance of body language and nonverbal communications. However little gestures, the style of upholding and the way of carrying oneself, plays a vital role in convincing the interviewers. This is because in a formal institution and interviews, some manners, ethics and code of conduct occupies an important niche and are treated as parameters to judge appearing candidates.

What are nonverbal communications? (more…)

Movie critics and film journalists

The films, of all genres encounter the critical comments of the film critics, after the film release. It is the work of a film critic to guide the theatre goes by providing them the details of movie, without unveiling the story. A film critic compares the film, with some fixed parameters, in order to evaluate and critically analyze. Their analysis finds its place in the column of various magazines, newspapers and other media houses which deals with the entertainment news.

How to become a film critic (more…)

Writing a CV without real work experience

Your resume or CV can be a decisive factor in your success in grabbing a job. There are many who think that a CV is nothing more than a paper with some information. But, the reality is quite different. Your CV is your identity to your potential employer. The interviewer can derive a lot of conclusions about you by going through your CV. So, it is important for you to know how to write a CV and especially when you do not have much work experience to boast of. A CV without real work experience can also be made attractive and convincing. (more…)