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Rehiring retirees is not a good practice

Many companies tend to rehire retired personnel as consultants only at a higher cost. It has been seen that the people who retire from a company often get employed by the same or another company and are paid much higher than their previous salary. However, the retires who are rehired hardly pass their knowledge and skill to the next generation of employees, thus creating a total; dependency of the company on them. Many multinational as well as regional business institutions spend a lot of money in hiring the retired employees to utilize their expertise. (more…)

Proper ways to give a feedback

Giving feedback to employees is absolutely necessary if performance and productivity is to be improved. However, giving proper feedback requires skill to some extent. If you happen to be an employer and always stumble every time when it comes to giving feedback to your employees, you should follow some simple rules that would help you to communicate with your employees effectively.

First, try to be as positive as possible. (more…)

Avoid turning your strength into your weakness

Your strength is your asset, but you have to be cautious not to turn it into your weakness. It has been seen that at times a certain strength of a person has turned into his weakness and has even ruined his career. Humility turns into diminishing personality, vision into aim less dreaming at times. So, you have to be careful regarding your strength and do whatever needs to be done in order to prevent your strength from turning into your weakness. Overemphasizing on your strength can cost you a lot, so use your strength in such a way so that you can have the desired result. (more…)

Fashion Retailing Trends

Why is it important to discuss about fashion retailing trends? This is to let the students and professionals in the fashion industry know that apart from what they may have been told about fashion retailing (as in the traditional model), they need to be aware of fashion trends that have changed the face of international fashion industry. This is extremely important because it is only when we are aware of the big picture that we will be able to take relevant steps with respect to our education, training and career progression. (more…)

Education path for culinary aspirants

The interest to cook and the desire to prepare a unique recipe is something that is inherent and can’t be enhanced with just a bit of formal training. But the skill can definitely be sharpened with training and education from the right source. For those who wish to have a serious career in cooking, they can easily get enrolled in one of those programs which offer courses right after you join high school. These are usually vocational courses which lay the foundation for a good future in the culinary field. They give a complete idea about the basics of cooking and make you prepared to take up advanced courses in the future. (more…)