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Making a great first impression

Making a great first impressionIt is often said that the first impression, though not necessarily the best impression, is the longest lasting impression. It is hard to deny this simple fact when it is considered against real life scenarios. Therefore, it is important for each and every job seeker to present himself properly in front of the recruiter to brighten up employment prospects. However, creating a great impression depends on a large number of factors including the candidate’s attire, body language and communication skill. Therefore, whenever going for an interview it is better to prepare properly to be at par with the corporate culture.

What makes the interviews bad

What makes the interviews badInterviews are conducted by various firms and companies, with the intention of searching the suitable employees for the vacant positions. Interviews are the formal and systematic process of selecting the eligible candidates. Thus the candidates are expected to maintain the rules and decorum of an interview. Apart from the qualifications present in the resume, the interviewers also consider the presentation and code of conduct while selecting the appearing candidates. There are some formal codes of conduct which should be strictly followed by the interviewee during the time of an interview. Absurd dressing styles, attending phone calls during the interview and informal behaviour lead to the framing of bad impression in minds of the interviewer.

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The Job search fears

It is to be kept in mind that when it comes to job searches there are many people who fear several aspects of this issue. But, if you have to secure the job that you want you have to overcome this fear and make job search easier. This would help you find the job that you have desired for long and you can easily build a good career.

  • Many people have a fear of networking which ultimately does no good to their job search efforts. It is true that interacting with strangers and introducing yourself to them can be a tough task and you may get nervous sometimes, but it certainly does not mean that you would not undertake networking. It is better to talk with one person at a time as you can clearly convey all that you want to say in this way.
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Role of nonverbal communication in an interview

The negative gestures and its impactApart from the qualification, impressive resumes, portfolios and communication skills, non verbal communication also counts, during an interview. The interviewees often commit the mistake of ignoring the importance of body language and nonverbal communications. However little gestures, the style of upholding and the way of carrying oneself, plays a vital role in convincing the interviewers. This is because in a formal institution and interviews, some manners, ethics and code of conduct occupies an important niche and are treated as parameters to judge appearing candidates.

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Interview tactics, the key to success

Interview is held with the purpose of make a quick analysis of the abilities and qualities of the candidates, in order to get a suitable employee for the related position in the company. Thus the saying phrase first impression is the last impression is most applicable for the candidates who appear for the interviews as their first impression present the gist of their abilities and qualities to the employers or the interviewers. Although every interview restore some difficulty level and differ from each other, there are some interviews tactics which accelerates success for the interviewee by reducing the odds and difficulties present in the interview. (more…)