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MBA is still in vogue

The degree of Masters in Business Administration has always been regarded as a must for those who want to build a good career in the corporate world. The more renowned the institute is more valuable is the degree. But with the passage of time the huge demand of MBA degree holders has led to the establishment of a large number of business schools across the globe. Almost all of these schools offer an authentic degree and provide on campus placement opportunities to students. Even amidst a crumbling economy it cannot be said that the importance of MBA degree has faded away. (more…)

What is a Talent Network and how does it help

Recruitment has become much more than just posting your resumes on a career site and then waiting for the recruiter to find you and call you. At present you need to make an all out effort to reach out to the prospective recruiters and allow them to communicate with you by different means available. Talking about the ways to reach out to the prospective job seekers, the concept of talent network is in vogue. In this the candidates willingly become a part of the company’s database by filling a simple form which is usually included in a career site. This has become an extremely popular and successful ways of tapping the talent when it is required. (more…)

Career Path for a Baker

There’s much to look forward to, what you need is a strong foothold in the industry, and this doesn’t come overnight (as in all cases). You’ve got to strive hard to get to a secure position and earn your place among the best in the profession by showing constant endeavor towards attaining the completion deadlines and delivering quality and flavor both, even at the busiest times of the year. Yes, there’s one more thing to add at this point, don’t be scared if you don’t see any progress in the way the industry is reacting to baking as a profession, just stick on and keep doing your job. (more…)

Becoming a Successful Radio Jockey

This is one profession where it’s not just about being qualified and having the right certificates to get through and becoming successful – the job of a radio jockey. On the flipside, you’ve got to be extremely well versed with the requirements and codes of going live on air and also about the ways that you need adopt for becoming a master at entertaining as well as informing the audience. In simple words, your program should have a perfect measure of knowledge with ample entertainment, modified by cultural requirements and consolidated by a sober and classy (more…)

Ex military trying to get a civilian’s job?

Welcome to the drill ladies and gentlemen! A lot to let go and a lot to take in, the best way to accept the ways of new life is to feel being a part of it. And this isn’t any different when it comes to starting a life as a civilian after being a part of the armed forces for ages. The first thing which you would want to let go of is definitely the military jargons. Get yourself a translator if you want to or a civilian friend who will help you out with the terminologies because, there is a great deal of difference between what they teach you in the military and (more…)