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Cockroach Theory of Self Development and the Learning from It

Cockroach Theory of Self Development and the Learning from It Corporate efficacy depends at large upon handling challenges of any degree in a smart way. Every day, new challenges are introduced to the employees here and how they deal with the fresh challenges determines their status in the corporate world. But, efficacy to deal with newer challenges is not inherent in most people. Rather, a good deal of self-development is necessary to face every awkward situation coming your way. Cockroach theory of self-development is an effective learning to gain the control over one’s self and employ his creative faculties to manage a challenging situation.

Skills that count

Skills that countIf you have to emerge as a successful person there are certain skills that you have to exhibit in your profession. It is true that you would not be able to become indispensable in a single day, but you have to develop your skills in such a way that your employer finds your service essential. It is to be kept in mind the more you practice, better is the chance of taking your skill to the next level. Therefore, if you have to shine in your professional life you have to exhibit your skills to the fullest.

Why leaders also need to be fit

Business is not only about earning money but also about taking the right decision at the right time and exhibit leadership qualities. Business managers, who operate different business organizations, right from small scale industries to multinational corporations are aware of the fact that appearance and health are two most important determinants of success in business. A person who is not blessed with sound health is hardly able to deliver the desired performance, regardless of the sector he works in. Hence it is important for business leaders to stay healthy and fit in order to add a glint to their personality as well as to make employees realize that they are able to deliver impeccable performance. (more…)

Things that you should always carry to the interview

In order to secure a good job you have to prove your mettle at the job interview. It has been observed that many good students with impeccable knowledge stumble when it comes to a job interview. In order to sail smoothly through the interview process you have to keep certain things in mind and carry a few things to the interview. These would help you be right on time, create a good impact and finally secure the job that you have wanted for long.

  • You should always carry the contact information and printed directions to the venue. The worst thing to do at an interview is to arrive late. If you lose your way and start walking in a wrong direction you would never be able to arrive at the venue on time which would ultimately cost you the job. (more…)

Interview tactics, the key to success

Interview is held with the purpose of make a quick analysis of the abilities and qualities of the candidates, in order to get a suitable employee for the related position in the company. Thus the saying phrase first impression is the last impression is most applicable for the candidates who appear for the interviews as their first impression present the gist of their abilities and qualities to the employers or the interviewers. Although every interview restore some difficulty level and differ from each other, there are some interviews tactics which accelerates success for the interviewee by reducing the odds and difficulties present in the interview. (more…)