Changing Job Profiles of Flight Navigators

Automation of all the systems has made the job of flight navigator much less complicated than what it used to be. Now, all they have to do is to punch the coordinates and then the GPS tracking systems will navigate the flight to their destination. So, the flight navigators have lost their positions in the cockpits and have gained managerial positions where they are required to just check on the weather and climatic updates and maintain a constant contact with the pilots on board. Basically they need to keep the flight on track and ensure that it reaches the pre determined destination safely.

Even for operating and managing the flight navigation systems there is a necessity for accuracy in data analysis and interpretation so that the job is done properly.  The applicants for the certification course need to be at least 21 years of age. This certification will pave their way for a successful career as a flight navigator operating in a military base. The navigators need to clear a physical test for proving their fitness as well as a written test so that the certification association is sure about the skills that they have learnt.

Navigation entails the utilization of instruments, tools and position of celestial bodies in order to point the location of the flight as well as chart a course to the destination. The most important thing to remember is that once you have given your test for certification, the score will be valid for just a year. So, you need to appear for the test only after you have taken all the training and experience so that your score doesn’t lose its validity.

You can also aim for becoming a flight navigation course instructor with a few good years of experience in hand. If you are looking for a fixed work hour then this is not the job profile that you should be looking for! Don’t expect a 9-5 routine when you are aspiring for a career as a flight navigator. Even when you’re in base you will be constantly required to plan the course and manage the systems.

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