Changing jobs = Career Advancement?

Stability Vs Career Advancement – which one do you choose? Yes, it has come down to this. Being stable and sticking on to a single job doesn’t anymore sound as rewarding and attractive as it used to at one point of time. These are times to hop from one job to another after a particular interval of time so that we are able to bag in the right amount of remuneration, which will of course, keep increasing by a certain percentage with every job shift.

This is what more than half of the workers feel and only a third of them feel that being loyal to a particular company will be in their favor. It’s time to think long term and act short term! Recession, salary cuts and uncertainties in jobs have made the scenario completely different from what it was a few years back. Now, we need to think about ways to rise up the pay grade.  This is the reason why most of the working professionals have changing jobs their favorite option. And, half of them are always on the lookout for better opportunities. As expenditure increases, earning also has to go up proportionately but most of the organizations aren’t ready to give as much as the talented professionals demand.

As permanent and stable jobs become a thing of the past and job hopping become fashionable and desirable, employers also end up planning ways to tackle attrition and start keeping back up plans ready as soon as they hire! Incentives, monetary rewards and hikes are something that only a few organizations claim to be capable of awarding on a regular basis. This makes the employees look out for better options as they aspire to reach greater heights of success at the earliest possible time. Regardless of their profession, employees thus switch their jobs in the hope of making it big sooner than later.

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  1. subramanyam says:

    You are correct in saying “job hopping become fashionable and desirable” But in one leading social media web site – an IIT student is asking about How to get a secure job once he complted his engineering.