Closing the interview

Closing a job interview is an art. You will have to leave the room after making sure that the interviewer will give you a thorough consideration. You should try to leave an impression in the minds of the recruiters.

Now the question is what are the ways of closing an interview? How should you do it?

  • You can close the interview by asking questions. It can be an effective way. Ask the interviewer about the company and the job. If there is anything you want to know about it is the right time to pop the question. If you have more than one question, you should ask for the interviewer’s permission. Ask whether you can go on with your questions or not. The interviewer may be hard pressed for time. You should make sure.
  • At the end of the interview session, try to remind the interviewer what are your strength once again. You should emphasize on your strength and how you are the right candidate for the job. State your strength and your experience once again for the right impact. Before stating this part, ask yourself why you are the right candidate for the job. You will come up with right answer.
  • While leaving the room, you should address the interviewer once again. Ask him/her opinion about your ability of handling the job. You should allow the interviewers to express their view openly. Do not forget to ask the interviewer whether you are required to submit anything more to solidify your application or not.
  • Do not forget to express your interest about the position you are applying for. If you lack enthusiasm and the job does not mean anything to you why should the company hire you? For this part, you need to do some ground research about the job position. Do not be afraid to use some pleasing comments for the job.

Last but not the least you should try to find out the next step of recruitment. You should ask the interviewer whether there will be another round of interview you need to face or not.

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