Computer Networking: An Emerging Profession

Computer networking has now taken the peak position as a “hot” career option. There are several positions in the field of networking with varied salaries and long term potentials. This can be pretty confusing for the beginners and may lead to frustrations in some cases but it is quite easy to overcome. Once you start studying the requirements well you will find it effective to work on.

When you choose this as your career then you can start preparing yourself for a few job titles. This will definitely need to be done much earlier as your basic education needs to be chalked out accordingly. You can get a job as a programmer, analyst, technician, engineer, administrator, manager. The pay scale for each job title will be different from the other and will be based on the demands of the work.

Salary as we all know depends on various factors such as the designation you are applying for as well as your qualifications and experience. Newcomers or freshers will draw less salary than their experienced counterparts. Apart from skill and dedication, once you are employed, a regular show of improvement in the task you are made responsible for is also an important factor that will determine your promotions and salary hikes.

Let’s take a look at the responsibility areas for each job title. An engineer looks after upgrading of the system, testing the security level and evaluating the vendor products. On the other hand the analysts design software programs or scripts as well as contribute towards monitoring utilities and diagnostics. The technician focuses on repairing a particular software and hardware, troubleshooting and set up. Managers are a level above in the hierarchy. They are mainly the supervisors of the work done by the technician, analysts, engineers and others.

Based on this the aspirants can now put their focus on coursing a proper career chart so that they can fulfill their ambitions by following the correct path.