Content writing – A serious profession

The written word has never been more in demand since the advent of the internet. With new sites being launched every day, the demand for content writers of every hue and color is exponentially rising.

However, few people will be able to give a clear definition of what a content writer is. This is because the scope for content writing is so vast that it encompasses almost every field known to mankind! One only needs to put in a word, phrase or sentence into a search engine today to find enough “content” to fill up a library! This is conclusive proof that the brains and hands behind all that information do not belong to frivolous or amateur good for nothings. Rather they are the tools implemented by a growing force of serious professionals who are dedicated to provide high standard information and in turn earn a good living as well as name for themselves.

Some of the misconceptions regarding content writing are:

  • Anybody can do it!

Although almost anyone can type on a keyboard these days, to be able to churn out engaging and informative material is an ability not easily found

  • It is web journalism.

Reporting on various events and current affairs is just a small sliver of the cont writing pie!

  • It is mostly done by retired people and housewives, or college dropouts.

On the contrary, a large number of highly qualified and driven individuals are proud to call themselves content writers

  • All you need is a good command over a language.

This is the greatest misconception of all. Just having a grasp over a language is by no measure adequate qualification for a content writer. A good content writer, more often than not, is a doyen of information from all fields.

Therefore for anybody considering a career in content writing, it would definitely be recommended that they do so only after they have rid themselves of these misconceptions and strongly feel that they can make some substantial contribution to the world of information sharing with their articles or any kind of written matter.

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