Conversing artfully

Conversation is something that happens naturally, flowing as spontaneously as a river and we become a part of it even as we breathe, unknowingly. As in every theory there is the definition of perfection which we try to attain while crossing the hurdles, so it is here as well. This is an idealistic picture of what conversation should be like, more specifically, the aesthetics behind the art of conversation. Present day conditions are somewhat different, a bit on the difficult side even with conversations no longer happening as naturally as it should have been.  So, it has become necessary to start finding ways to strike a good conversation when there are perfect stranger involved.

The point is to make the connection within the first few seconds as that sets the foundation for a good conversation in the next few minutes. Smiling is important in making people feel good around you and that in many cases has been seen as the starting point of a good conversation. Secondly, make sure that you have introduced yourself well to the people who are there. Once they know you better they will feel better about the entire situation and will make an effort at talking to you.

When you are being spoken to then forget yourself and start listening actively to what the other person has to say. This will play a significant role in grabbing the attention from the right quarters without you having to do it forcefully. Remember, attracting attention deliberately often leads to losing it all the more. So, let the conversation flow at a normal pace. Spend a few seconds thinking about the interest levels of the other person as that will give a good ground in starting a conversation once the other person is finished with their side of the story.

Asking questions, to understand the topic of conversation in a better way often fuels it on and proves to the other party that you are actually listening to what is being spoken. And when you think you are going to disagree with a point that has been stressed upon then you need to consider your response once so that it doesn’t appear to be argumentative just for the sake of it.

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