Cover letter mistakes to avoid

It is through the cover letter that the prospective employer gets the initial idea about the candidate, their skills, their qualities, their capabilities and their attitude towards work. So it is very important to keep in mind that the cover letter needs to be perfect in language, writing style and tone so that the prospective employer gets the correct impression about you, as in exactly what you want them to think! It’s all about marketing yourself in the right manner so that your objective is attained and you are able to get that much awaited interview call.

Firstly, make sure that you create your unique cover letter and don’t make the mistake of sending an edited template that you came across in some career site. Remember that your recruiters aren’t sitting on the other side of the table for nothing. They have gone through your stage long time back and they know exactly where the pitfalls are. Moreover, writing a few words about yourself can’t be that bad, can it? Not if you really want to make it big in your profession because today it’s all about letting people know about your skills and talking about them in the right manner.

Come up with a concise passage (remember, how they taught us to write paragraphs when we were kids?), of say, 250 words with emphasis in the right areas such as the skills that will be of use in fulfilling the responsibilities of the job. Promotional language is welcome but its better if we tone it down a bit just to avoid sounding too arrogant, aggressive and desperate.

Experiences that don’t matter don’t count. Keep only those that are relevant to the job. Also, keep your laundry list of likes and dislikes out of the cover letter. In simple words, keep it professional and use appropriate language and words to put in the necessary information.

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