Crafting a career that would sustain

Crafting a career that would sustain Getting a job in the dilapidated global economic scenario is hard and keeping one is even harder. It is true that a lot of people get employed every year but it is also true that all of them are not happy with their jobs. Job satisfaction is an important determinant of the success of one’s career and so it is better to build such a career that would sustain. There is no room for compromising with job satisfaction as any such compromise would only lead to lack of productivity as well as a an unhappy professional life. However, there are certain things that a job seeker needs to keep in mind while searching for a sustainable career.

  • It is to be kept in mind that the job seeker himself is best aware of his abilities, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses and so he himself has to take the initiative to craft his career according to his own preferences. Practicing career crafting only enhances his skill and endures a good career opportunity in future.
  • Regular self assessment is absolutely necessary in crafting a sustainable career. Interacting with the employer as well as colleagues would help him understand his own position. Spending 5 to 10 minutes every week in order to assess what he has learnt and how he can employ it into his professional life can help an employee build a sustainable career.
  • It is better to work with those who are smart energetic as well as productive. By working with such people an employee can boost up his career to a large extent as such personalities always influence, inspire and educate others.
  • Another important thing in crafting a sustainable career is to pay attention to the latest developments in the sector the employee is in. He needs to assess his company’s strategic direction in light of the latest developments in the market in order to have a better understanding of the future growth potential.