Crawling back to the job you quit

Handling the Return with Dignity

Changes are inevitable in life and, at times, they are desirable too. A day might come along when the job you loved will no longer appeal to you. When this happens, it is better to change the job and look for a new place to work.

However, any organization that you decide to join might not be right for you. You may not be able to adapt to the work ethics at your new office. What if you do not like your new company? Will you search for a new job? What if your old employer gives you a call and asks you to join back? Can you muster up the courage and return?

Handling the Return

Before going back, sit and think about what lies ahead. You will have to face many questions. Everyone will want to know why you left and the reasons for your return. Are you ready for such questioning?

When you return, you will face the same problems which made you leave in the first place. You will have to again deal with old enemies and work on old projects. However, you should never regret your decision to return.

After considering these factors if you still want to go back, do so. With time, however, these problems will disappear and you will feel comfortable at your old office. The first few weeks are going to be a real test, however.

Handle it with care

It will be easier if you talk about your decision with others. Do not just go back and start working. Act casual and drop by before joining. You should also explain patiently to your colleagues why you want to join back. Explaining to your boss may not be as easy. Tell him/her the real reason of your leaving and admit that you had been wrong. After all, you need to stay there and work.

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