Creative things that you can do with that forced engineering degree

Often due to parental and financial pressures, one ends up with a degree that is at odds with one’s personal expectations. Instead of letting it become a cause for despair, you can now turn it into a veritable goldmine of opportunities. If you are a person with a knack towards the creative arts but have ended up with that forced engineering degree, there are many professions today that can channelize your engineering knowledge into creative outlets.

A list of alternate career options is listed below:

  • If you are an aeronautical engineer specializing in the design and construction of aircrafts, spacecrafts etc, then you can think about a career in paramotoring. Paramotoring is a new adventure sports that involves remaining airborne in aerodynamically adapted and aligned hybrid motor vehicles.

  • If you are a computer or software engineer, then you can possibly look for a career in the gaming industry. You can be a games developer creating and developing new computer games and digital simulations.

  • Being a structural or civil engineer, you can probably eye a career in architecture. Architecture is one of the best creative manifestations of engineering knowledge. Erecting a building requires a keen aesthetic sense along with practical structural skills.

  • Today many of the sculptures and installations showcased in art exhibitions worldwide would not have been possible without sound engineering knowledge as some of these articles are several feet tall and more often than not made with industrial material.

  • Chemical engineers are most often employed in soap, oil, paint, plastic, explosives and petrochemical plants. Therefore what stops them from setting up their own brand of lifestyle stores and manufacturing their own personally designed toiletries? They can also use their pyrotechnical skills in order to develop innovative and spectacular fireworks.

  • Systems engineers can look for a career in robotics which is a perfect fusion of intellectual creativity, problem solving skills and scientific knowledge.

Besides having a sound engineering knowledge, in the fields of photography, animation, and musical instruments, craftsmanship also helps and can make a definite impact.

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