Criticizing in private may not help always

There are many business managers who think the ‘praise in public and criticize in private’ method yields good results. If you are such a person, it is probably time for you to change your approach. In fact criticizing in private may not help you always. A member of your team is accountable to the organization as well as to the team itself. When you choose to criticize one of your employees in private, you in a way undermine his or her accountability to the team thus putting the whole concept of team work in jeopardy. You need to follow certain rules if you want to increase the accountability of your team members.

  • Always try to admit that though the employee is accountable to the entire team, you have inadvertently made him accountable only to you. State clearly what you feel about the performance of the team and how it can be enhanced. Try to listen to what your team members have to say.

  • Create an amiable environment in the team so that team members can interact with each other freely and share experiences and suggestions. It would ultimately contribute towards the improvement of the team’s performance.

  • You team members are your most valuable assets. Tell them how they can increase their accountability and how to ascertain how accountability contributes to the performance of the whole team. One or more of your employees may need to change their mind set in order to be accountable to the whole team and not just you. In most cases, you team members would gladly do that, but they may need some assurances from your part.

  • Try to spend a few minutes at the end of each meeting in discussing how team members are considering their accountability to the team. Most importantly, try to keep up the team spirit.

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