Current job situation in India

Most top notch professionals and market gurus in India and abroad are of the opinion that India has never been hit badly economically in the past not even in the time of recession. This is a huge boost for the industry in India and there never has been a slump in employment. This shows that the economic backbone of India is strong than some of the developed countries of the world. Most global companies prefer India over other developing nations for setup because these companies know that India is growing at steady rate and in few years time it would be economically at par with some of the developed nations.

With the increase of number of companies coming to India and opening up their branches all over the country, the increase in the number of jobs have also risen sharply. Especially in metropolitan cities the availability of jobs is increasing day by day. This is good news for people who are fresh graduates and for professionals who are looking for not only better jobs but also high paid jobs. But the only sad part is that still there is significant inequality in wealth and income and it can only be solved in the long term. The job market situation in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida are perhaps at its peak at this point of time. Since, these cities have witnessed a substantial rise in the number of IT companies. There is no dearth of jobs in the years to come in these cities. Moreover, government of India with planning commission is playing active role in job generation by formulating plans and strategies. So, all in all the situation of the job market is quite good and it is booming.

Recent surveys conducted all over the world, especially the ones from US and UK showed that number of Indian working professionals in these countries are heading back to India for better job prospects. Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Gurgaon are the ones to watch out for. In couple of years time most of these professionals will be back in India because of the slump in the job market of US and UK.

But, if you take the recent market trend of the last quarter of 2011, then you will know that hiring has slackened a bit that usual. This is directly related to the slowing up of the economic meltdown in the last quarter in US and large portions of Europe. The hiring process has changed as it has become little complex and getting a job now takes time. But, things will get better after the first quarter of 2012, as predicted by market professionals from different industry verticals.

There are lots of options that one can use to get the desired job and Internet job search engines are quite beneficial for people who are looking for better paid jobs. Campus recruitments in B-Schools and engineering colleges are steady and candidates from these places land up in lucrative and better paid jobs. Thus, current job scenario in India is better than most other countries.